I hope all the Mom's had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

I enjoyed my day immensely this year. I've been a mom now for 13 years, but this year was extra special because I now have TWO kids. I still can't believe it sometimes.

My presents were a gazebo/tent for the yard, 10 ft x 13 ft. I asked for one since we don't have much shaded areas in the yard and I wanted a shady place to take Cassidy outside during the day, plus it's a nice place for us to relax in the evening.

Zac picked out two stepping stone kits. One for him and one for Cassidy to make and put their handprints on. It was extra special because it was a surprise and Zac thought of it himself.

Chuck had a miserable week, it was one of those weeks where if something was going to go wrong, it did. It started last week with the riding mower. Zac was mowing the grass when the tractor stopped, a belt shredded. OK, Chuck started using the push mower, the neighbor came over and offered their riding mower, so Chuck started cutting with that one; only to run out of gas, and of course he had emptied all our gas into our tractor.

Then our pull down attic stairs had a piece warp and break. Next was a tire blowout in my van as we were headed to buy Mom's Day presents for our Mom's. Then after spending 3 hrs putting a new belt on the tractor, Zac started mowing the lawn again, only for the frikkin belt to shred again. So now we have to take it to a dealer to figure out WTF is wrong with it. Lastly, we took my parents out for mother's day, when we came out of the restaurant we were approached by people from the local fitness club who had been in the parking lot under a tent soliciting customers, well their tent blew in the wind and landed on the hood of my van and scratched the hell out of it and bent my antenna.

So Chuck's been moping around! Oh well, things can only get better right ?

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Well said.