A bit about Zac (ok, more than a bit)

Other than his sports I don't post much about Zac, it may be because he's been rolling over, walking, talking and potty trained for years! So here's what he's been up to.

Zachary started high school this year. Last year he (and we) had to decide what he wanted to "major" in. Yes, already at 13 years old, he is supposed to start thinking about what he wants to do with his life. Since he's always done well in math & science, his counselors have always pushed in in the direction of engineering.

So, after looking at course offerings at the high school and our local technical institute, he started to lean to the tech school. Now, when I went to school back in the olden days, vo-tech was not the place where anyone who was interested in going to college went. It was mainly trade oriented (carpentry, masonry, plumbing, etc.). I'm not putting these jobs down, and it's a great start for many kids, BUT vo-tech also had the stigma that this is where kids who had no interest in school, the burnouts, went and unfortunately, the vo-tech's reputation was not stellar.

So when Zac wanted to do the pre-engineering course at the tech school, I was a bit apprehensive. We have a friend who teaches electrical there, so we went to him for some advice. He assured us that the course Zac was looking to take was only of the brightest and smartest and that he would be surrounded by kids who want to learn. Also, there were prerequisites in Algebra and it is mandatory for him to maintain good grades in his science and math. We toured LCTI (they no longer call it vo-tech) the other night, it has really become a state-of-the-art facility and has received awards from the state and is touted as the #1 technical institute in the state. The equipment and computer technology available is insane. Many of the instructors have been in the work force and then after a considerable about of years in their field, took up teaching as a 2nd career. (Zac's teacher was an engineer for AT&T for 30 years).

Zac is doing great in his engineering class, we had parent night last week and he showed up the robotic arm he programmed to do some tasks, he showed a suspension bridge he had to design using a computer aided drafting program, and helped build a robotic car. His teacher assures us that Zac has a lot of potential and is doing very well in his engineering class. Plus, Zac is enthusiastic about the course, which is huge! The other bonus is that there are only TEN kids in his class. That's an awesome teacher:student ratio especially since he's in that class 2 1/2 hours. He gets individualized attention. There are two other 9th grades in the class, the others are 10th & 11th grade students.

Zac goes to his homeschool first thing in the morning for attendance, then gets on a bus to go to LCTI, he is in class there for 2 1/2 hours, has lunch and then comes back to his homeschool for his core classes. He is doing exceptionally well in math and science which is to be expected, but then there are Language Arts (English for us old-timers) and Social Studies. He makes no extra effort in these classes and had a B- and C in those classes this marking period. Which are not bad grades, but when we go online and see all the ZEROS he gets on homework, we just want to smack him upside the head. He's smart enough to do well in class and on tests, so he slacks off on homework, it's infuriating at times. This has been our battle with him since 5th grade. He's become "immune" to groundings and such, uggggh.

And just one last brag on Zac, we got his state tests back from last year. Advanced for reading and comprehension is 1473, he scored 1650. Advanced for math is 1446, he scored 1722. I've been trying to find out the max score possible, someone said 1800, but I'm not sure. Then there is writing ... Advanced is 1748, he only scored 1426 which is proficient, definitely not his strong suit, but still higher than average.

Jaxon's first Thanksgiving

Here he is, our big guy, who spends most of his waking moments trying to eat his hand(s) and slobbering all over his clothes. I got this cute little Thanksgiving outfit for $3 at a consignment sale, I'm too cheap to pay full price for an outfit for one day! It's still in perfect shape so I plan to resell it.

We spent most of Thanksgiving day at home, only visiting Grandma & Grandpa for our yummy meal of turkey and the trimmings around noon. But because not long after that we were hitting on Cassidy's nap time we headed back home (the whole 1 minute trip!). I think we all dozed, Cassidy and Chuck napped in bed, while I dozed on and off with Jaxon on the couch. Zac snoozed in the family room.

We did venture to the bank and grocery shopping on Black Friday, that was enough traffic. I did do some shopping online, some stores had the same deals online as in-store, so it worked out well. I also dressed the kids in their Christmas outfits and took my Christmas photos for our cards. We placed Jaxon in a box that I had nested with some bedding and then topped it off with some tissue paper, I figured the tissue paper would keep Cassidy interested enough to hang around for me to take pictures. The pictures turned out well and I will post them at a later date, but I don't want to ruin the surprise of my Xmas cards should you be on my list.

WOOHOO Eight Hours a Night

Our little guy is sleeping about 8 hours a night!! WAHHOO.
Friday into Saturday he slept over 9 hours.
Hopefully, I won't jinx it by posting here.

Here's our silly, giggle box!

As you can tell by my blog and my music (did ya even know Bon Jovi had a couple Christmas songs!) I am getting ready for Xmas.
I have most presents for the kids bought/ordered. I would say I'm about
75 percent done. Chuck's always last on my list, I have one thing and need to figure what else to buy him.

I must say, I hate our Walmart, let's just say the location attracts an unsavory crowd that leaves the store in a mess. BUT! I have found a way to take advantage of their low prices without having to shop the cluttered aisles --- SHIP TO STORE!

I will be picking up Cassidy's kitchen ($20 less than anywhere else I could find it) and a couple little things for Jax, one of which was not available anywhere else. I just received an email that they are all in and ready for pickup! Very convenient and no shipping costs. Of course, now we just have to assemble the kitchen!


This Thursday :) . . . . and a Box of Diapers

Well MaryBeth, Chuck and I had the same discussion. You and I are on the same page, and Dave and Chuck are on the same page. Zac agrees with Chuck, but I think it's because he just likes to argue with me.

This Thursday is November 20th, next Thursday is Thanksgiving. That's my story and I'm sticking too it!

Thanks for your responses!!

I think I found my Christmas Present box . . . . Can you tell Jaxon is fascinated by his big sister?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

I have a question for all my friends who read my blog.

Today is Monday, November 17th . . . how do you refer to Thursday, November 20th?

As "THIS" Thursday or as "NEXT" Thursday.

Now this is not anything earth-shattering or critical, but it's just a little dig that I have on an occasional basis with Chuck. So I am curious for your answers.

I'll let you know who says which phrase in a few days. Thanks!

Halloween . . . . a bit late

Well now that I changed the background of my blog to Winter it's time to post Halloween pics. Now I wasn't even going to dress up Jax, but sometime during Halloween Day I decided to crawl up to the attic to see if I could find the pumpkin sleeper that Cassidy wore last year. I found it easily so I did dress him for a bit to take to a few of our closest neighbors.

Then there was Cassidy, she was excited and readily dressed in her cow costume, HOWEVER, she didn't want to have her picture taken. In fact, she made up a new game, HIDE from the camera while giggling.

So a few days ago put her cow coat on and gave her the mini pumpkins she's been bugging to play with and let her sit on the floor and snapped some pics. She doesn't have her matching cow pants on, but I didn't want to push it!

My Three at 3 Months

Zac at 3 Months

Jax at 3 months

Cassidy at 3 months

So many people have told us since we had Jaxon that he looks like Cassidy, Chuck and I have always wondered exactly what they were looking at? I actually hugged a friend when she said "He looks nothing like Cassidy."

Now many of these people either didn't see Zac as a baby or couldn't remember what Zac looked like as a baby. BUT Chuck and I knew he resembled Zac much more than Cassidy.

Jaxon's Baptism

Jaxon is now officially a member of our church. He made it through the ceremony much better than we anticipated, considering he can be a major fusspot. Jaxon was baptized alongside Maddi. Maddi is his cousin, Nikki's, baby. She is one month older than him.

Jax was starting to fuss right before we were about to go up to the font, the priest warned us that the water was very cold and that Jax would most likely not be happy, well, since this little guy has to be different, as soon as the water hit his head, he quieted down and was content. Cassidy was kept busy by her cousin, Shelby, until she got a little too bored and then Grandpa took her downstairs and kept her happy. Pictures are courtesy of our photographer for the event --- Zac. :)

And here we are, no family of five picture today, Cassidy wouldn't stay still long enough and I'd rather have no picture than a picture with a screaming kid squirming to get free. What do you think of the new glasses???

Under Construction

I'm working on personalizing this blog a little more, so bear with the changes.

Well DUH, FINALLY!! I figured out how to put a personalized header on my blog, I was WAY overthinking it, dreading html and xml codes. I swear I was so aggravated last night trying to figure it out I dreamt about blogs, but alas, somewhere in the middle of the night it dawned on me how to do it.

And yes, I know the background is Halloween, but I didn't like any Thanksgiving ones and I know I'll be adding a Christmas background soon.

Thx. dani

Jaxon -- 3 months old

Tomorrow Jaxon will be three months old, WOW, did that go fast. He is quite different from Cassidy and Zac. He has been dubbed our "fusspot" or "fussfart". Luckily, now that we are reaching the 3 month mark, there is a marked change in his fussiness and he is much easier to settle. His favorite thing is to lay under his mobile or play gym for 15-20 minutes. He prefers this to the swing and the bouncy seat, in fact, we have already packed the swing away and just use a travel swing occasionally.
This is SOOOOOOO different from Cassidy and Zac who would nap for hours in the swing.

Jax is starting to reach for things and hold on to them. He adores Cassidy and loves to watch her play and putter around. She likes to talk to him and says his name alot, but for Cassidy, big brother, Zachary! is the BOMB.

Jaxon has also found his thumb, I can't ever remember Zac sucking on his thumb even once. Cassidy found her thumb at about 3 months, but I only ever saw her suck on it twice. Jaxon is all about slobbering on his fist and thumb. I do cherish the quiet times when he's nuzzled in my neck, because I know this is it . . . well until grandkids! right :0)

I will be posting Halloween pictures shortly . . . . unfortunately, I was a BAD BAD MOMMY and for messed up and accidentally deleted the Halloween pictures. Luckily, Miss Cassidy was in her boycotting picture mood and there weren't any really great pictures and also luckily I can just pop their costumes on again and snap a few more pics.