Jaxon's first Thanksgiving

Here he is, our big guy, who spends most of his waking moments trying to eat his hand(s) and slobbering all over his clothes. I got this cute little Thanksgiving outfit for $3 at a consignment sale, I'm too cheap to pay full price for an outfit for one day! It's still in perfect shape so I plan to resell it.

We spent most of Thanksgiving day at home, only visiting Grandma & Grandpa for our yummy meal of turkey and the trimmings around noon. But because not long after that we were hitting on Cassidy's nap time we headed back home (the whole 1 minute trip!). I think we all dozed, Cassidy and Chuck napped in bed, while I dozed on and off with Jaxon on the couch. Zac snoozed in the family room.

We did venture to the bank and grocery shopping on Black Friday, that was enough traffic. I did do some shopping online, some stores had the same deals online as in-store, so it worked out well. I also dressed the kids in their Christmas outfits and took my Christmas photos for our cards. We placed Jaxon in a box that I had nested with some bedding and then topped it off with some tissue paper, I figured the tissue paper would keep Cassidy interested enough to hang around for me to take pictures. The pictures turned out well and I will post them at a later date, but I don't want to ruin the surprise of my Xmas cards should you be on my list.

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