It's been a while since I updated, Chuck and I have both been sick, I am getting over a sinus infection and Chuck is recovering from a bronchial infection. Neither one of us have been to the dr for a "cold" in over 10 years, so I guess we were due. Luckily, both kids did much better than we did.

Cassidy had her 6 month well appt (yes, a month late). She's growing like a weed, 2 inches longer than last month -- 27 1/4 inches. She gained 2 lbs -- 18 lbs, 5 oz.

She also started to pull herself up to standing and takes a step or two while holding on but she's definitely not cruising around yet. Also she has figured out how to sit up from her belly, which is awesome, we don't have to keep sitting her up to play anymore.

She's a good traveler and such a happy girl, since we usually are traveling to at least one hockey game a weekend, it's great that she has such a laid-back temperament.

First time in the big bathtub! Cassidy has been getting baths in the kitchen sink for all this time. Yesterday I went out and bought a seat for the bathtub. I must say at first she wasn't sure about this. But as soon as she saw me with the camera she turned into the true camera ham she is and started grinning. Then big bro joined her. She loves the water, but I will say that we will probably stick with the kitchen sink most nights. Filling the tub nightly takes to much water.

How time flies!

First I have to say I "borrowed" this idea from another February baby and Mom (thanks Thatcher & Angela). Here is a picture of our "big" little girl. The first picture she is about 2 weeks old and the second picture is 6 months 2 weeks. Ohhhhhhh how time flies. They grow so fast.

Back to School

Well Zac's gourd plant has been very productive, here is a picture of one of the snake gourds and this one isn't even one of the biggest ones. I have no idea what we are going to do with these monstrosities.

Zac was happy to start back up to school, he is happy with his team, a few of his buddies are in some of his classes. He says just one teacher (social studies) seems like she'll be really tough.

Other than that, things are moving along smoothly. Cassidy has FINALLY rolled from her back to her belly. She now likes to sleep on her sides and we even found her on her belly once. She rocks when she's on all fours and she scoots a bit, but no crawling.