Knoeble's Grove

We went to Knoeble's Grove on Thursday, Zac took his best buddy along. They had a blast, as you can see, they also got soaked. they went on the "Skloosh" ride several times. And then would stand on the bridge to get completely drenched by the next boat down the hill.

This was the first time we ever went
to this park, it's about 2 hrs from home. The nice thing is that there is no admittance fee to get into the park. You can buy all-day passes for the kids and then if we wanted to go on a ride or two we could just buy individual tickets. The boys had a blast and rode all the thrill rides. Dad went on a few, too.

Cassidy enjoyed the day, she slept through a good part of it, but she did get to go on a couple of carousels. The first one she liked (pic Mom & Cassidy), we had her on a stationary horse. But the second carousel the horse went up and down, she wasn't 100% sure of that. She didn't cry, but we couldn't get one of her precious smiles out of her either (pic Dad & Cassidy.


Here's a picture of my bottom teeth. Mommy had a hard time getting a good picture of my pearly whites, I would smile, but she'd either get a picture of my lip or my tongue.

Here's a little idea of what I can and can't do at 6 months.

I can sit by myself for quite a bit, I enjoy playing in my crib or on a blanket with toys.
I roll from belly to back, because I do NOT like to be on my belly.
I feed myself some finger foods -- Gerber Cartwheels and Teething Biscuits.
I babble quite a bit, say ada-da-da and do-do, the B and the P sounds too.
I am sleeping through the night (had a rough patch w/the teeth, but that's over)
I am eating solids a couple times a day.
I can pull myself up to standing, and like to "walk" when someone holds my hands.

I haven't rolled from my back to my belly. (why should I, I don't like being on my belly)
I don't say the M sound yet .... Mommy's waiting!
I don't crawl, but I do rock when I'm up on my hands and news.

So this is a bit of what's happening with me.

Grandma's B-day

Happy birthday Grandma! We went to our local zoo (honestly, "zoo" is being generous, it used to be called a game preserve, but the powers that be decided to change the name, there are about 20 different types of animals, far from a zoo in my opinion).

It was Cassidy's first trip there and she enjoyed it just fine. Well at least half of it, she slept through the other half.

The Lorikeet Landing is a new addition to the zoo this year and was certainly a hit with the kids. It was so uch fun to see the kids' faces when the birds landed on them. This was a first for my niece and nephew (Zac fed the Lorikeets at the San Diego zoo years ago).

My Dad (Grandpa) and Me in the back.
My Mom (Grandma), Zac, and Cassidy middle.
Dylan and Shelby on the ground.

Grandma had a great birthday and was so happy to spend it with her grandkids.

We also got a great look at one of the wolves, they usually just lounge under the trees up on the hill. But one of them was thirsty and came down to the water and had himself a drink.

6 Months Old!

I can't believe Cassidy is six months old. Wow that went quick.

She's been having a few restless nights, and the worst was the mornings of her 6 month b-day. She would fall asleep but as soon as we put her down in her crib she'd be up screaming. Took us almost two hours to get her settled, finally crawling back into bed after 3 a.m.

When she got up for the day around 7 a.m. and I was giving her her bottle I felt her gums, like I have been doing the last couple weeks and what did I find; not one but TWO PEARLY WHITES, no wonder she was so cranky.

Amateur Photo Hour !

Monday afternoon, I decided to get creative. I got a sheet from Zac's bed and draped it over my sofa and then got my grandfather's old washtub with some other bath accessories and just added one happy baby.

She is a ham. Zac helped me by standing next to me with toys to get her to look and smile.

Digital cameras ROCK. I also love Shutterfly, they have a photo studio (editor) that allows you to make collages. I will still do some studio pictures because there is no way too match all the props they have, but I can save some

The picture of the two of them I love, I saw a shot like this in one of the rooms of the OBs office when I went a few times and I loved it.

I don't have enough wall and table-top space to put all these pictures!

Cassidy's "House"

Here is Cassidy's "House". She has just started enjoying playing in it. She loves the mailbox because I'm always putting different toys in it and she reaches up and pulls then out (and then has to chew on them, OF COURSE). Also if you can see in the pictures there are some veggies in her garden behind her, she likes to pick those. She spins the birds a bit, but not too much. Last night, we ate dinner while she stayed in her room and played in her house all by herself.

I found this little house at a church yard sale for $10. I was absolutely thrilled. I saw a couple on Craigslist and they were posted for $30 or more and were missing pieces. This one has all the pieces (veggies and letter) and other than one little crayon mark is perfect.

If you look in the corner, you can see Cassidy has a visitor. Comet gets excited about the house because the doorbell and the little blue bird sticking out of the birdhouse above the veggies squeak like his balls. He's always ready for a game of fetch and is disappointed by all the squeaky toys Cassidy has.


Here's our little peanut who always wants to be standing (notice the big grin, she's such a ham for the camera). She tries to pull up on anything she can reach. Here she is holding on to her crib.

We are trying to encourage crawling, but it's a struggle because she doesn't like to be on her belly, if we get her on all fours, she'll stay there for about 30 seconds before she pushes herself over onto her back.

Of course, she hasn't figured out how to get down yet. But that's what Mommy and Daddy are for!

Life is Rough!

Wow is it hot! Luckily, Cassidy's godmother invited us over for a dip in the pool. Zac had spent the night, last night and enjoyed lots of pool time. I love this little float, it keeps her nice and shaded. She kicks her feet and enjoyed herself for quite a while, but all that swimming around works up a thirst. And about an hour later she drank a bottle and crashed for a while.

Visitors ?

We have four stray kittens taking up residence under our trees that border our property. The neighbor behind us removed all his trees (they were huge and he had a big crane come and lift them out after they were cut). Well apparently that's where the kittens were living, and I guess they decided our tree line was move-in ready. The spooky thing is this is where we buried Marty. As cute as they are, I wish they'd move on, they tease the dogs because they know the dogs are behind a fence and they are near where I have my bird feeders. Oh well, hopefully they will move on. Of course, Zac wants to adopt all four! UGH!