Here's a picture of my bottom teeth. Mommy had a hard time getting a good picture of my pearly whites, I would smile, but she'd either get a picture of my lip or my tongue.

Here's a little idea of what I can and can't do at 6 months.

I can sit by myself for quite a bit, I enjoy playing in my crib or on a blanket with toys.
I roll from belly to back, because I do NOT like to be on my belly.
I feed myself some finger foods -- Gerber Cartwheels and Teething Biscuits.
I babble quite a bit, say ada-da-da and do-do, the B and the P sounds too.
I am sleeping through the night (had a rough patch w/the teeth, but that's over)
I am eating solids a couple times a day.
I can pull myself up to standing, and like to "walk" when someone holds my hands.

I haven't rolled from my back to my belly. (why should I, I don't like being on my belly)
I don't say the M sound yet .... Mommy's waiting!
I don't crawl, but I do rock when I'm up on my hands and news.

So this is a bit of what's happening with me.


Ashley Hester said...

You go girl! You'll be walking before you know it!

Kady Mae Bella said...

How fun!! Kady started Cheerios today. She loved them...well I loved watching her trying to figure out what to do with them!

Thatcher's Mommy said...

Okay- I want to know WHERE I can get some eyelashes as gorgeous as yours! I know this was about your teeth, but girrrrrl, you're going to be SO happy some day when you don't have to glob on mascara. I'm so jealous!