Grandma's B-day

Happy birthday Grandma! We went to our local zoo (honestly, "zoo" is being generous, it used to be called a game preserve, but the powers that be decided to change the name, there are about 20 different types of animals, far from a zoo in my opinion).

It was Cassidy's first trip there and she enjoyed it just fine. Well at least half of it, she slept through the other half.

The Lorikeet Landing is a new addition to the zoo this year and was certainly a hit with the kids. It was so uch fun to see the kids' faces when the birds landed on them. This was a first for my niece and nephew (Zac fed the Lorikeets at the San Diego zoo years ago).

My Dad (Grandpa) and Me in the back.
My Mom (Grandma), Zac, and Cassidy middle.
Dylan and Shelby on the ground.

Grandma had a great birthday and was so happy to spend it with her grandkids.

We also got a great look at one of the wolves, they usually just lounge under the trees up on the hill. But one of them was thirsty and came down to the water and had himself a drink.


Ashley Hester said...

I just have to say that I think Cassidy has her finger wrapped all the way around zac's little heart! He looks like such a good brother!

Ron, Melissa and Landon said...

Aren't trips to the "zoo" fun? They're even better when the whole family gets to go!

Kady Mae Bella said...

Zach is such a great Big Brother! He seems so good with are so lucky!