Ready for the Ice

Get me some skates!!!!!


Marty was our second cat. He was a brat since we brought him home. I couldn't resist this scrawny looking cat at the pet store and decided to rescue him. Little did we know this scrawny cat would become our chubba-wubba cat weighing over 20 pounds.

Marty was not a people cat, he preferred the company of our other cat and even our dogs at the time (Malcolm and Annie, our dachshunds). But he tolerated Zachary better than we could have imagined. He let Zac sit on him and he would nap with him occasionally.

Over the years he would stay in the basement and rarely come up and visit, and when we got our second corgi, Cricket; well, apparently, that was the LAST STRAW. Both cats rarely came up and spent any time with the us humans anymore.

Well in the last week or so we noticed Marty was not doing well. He hasn't been a spunky cat for a long time now, but when he stopped eating, we knew it wouldn't be long. This chubba cat lived to eat. So he spent his last week or so visiting with us, RARE and even went outside when we were taking pics of the gourd plant.

Last night, I heard a strange growl while giving Cassidy her bedtime bottle. When Chuck and Zac came home from hockey I asked Chuck to check on Marty and he was gone, laying peacefully by the water dish.

He went so quietly and peacefully, he let go himself. So unlike our dogs who we have had to help cross the rainbow bridge. Tonite, we will bury another friend in our yard. We will miss his daily "raaaaaas".

Travis, seems to miss him already, heading upstairs to peek at us, still leery of the dogs, but hopefully they will learn to get along. Travis is much more a people cat.

Goodbye Marty, may you find Annie and Malcolm to play with as you cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Zac and the Gourd Plant

Here is a picture of Zac's gourd plant. It has taken off like a WEED. Hopefully, it will produce some gourds. I told him next year he has to try a pumpkin plant and see if he has success with that.

We can hardly contain the vines from this plant, it would take over the sidewalk, driveway and front yard if we let it, we keep wrapping it around stakes.

We could lose Cassidy in the gourd plant!


Mommy got me these yummy biter biscuits. She says I'm still not quite ready for them on a regular basis, but she let me give try one yesterday. I thought it was pretty yummy, but I kept dropping it and wasn't interested in finding it. As you can see in the one picture, I did have an avid audience of one. He was certainly hoping I'd drop it on the floor, but he was polite, he didn't try to take it out of my hand. When I was finished, I was quite messy!

Mommy went yard saling this morning with Grandma. She stopped at two close to the house and they had nothing good. Grandma told Mommy about some in Schnecksville and boy oh boy was Mommy glad they did. There were two different houses and did they have LOTS of baby clothes. The first house had more boy stuff, but Mommy found a couple nice outfits. The second house had all girl clothing. Mommy filled a bag with clothes, a few winnie the pooh outfits and one is a purple velvet jumper with Eeyore, Pooh and Piglet with a Xmas tree and Snowmen.

She also bought me a pumpkin costume for Halloween. It's cute. When she came home she went to put the pumpkin hat on my head and it barely fit. So Grandma will need to make an alteration so it will fit my big head come Halloween.

Oh before I forget, Mommy has been giving me a sippy cup after I have my food. I'm finally starting to get the hang of it.


Cassidy has discovered her feet! She is such a camera ham like her big brother and Daddy. I swear the minute she hears me turn it on and hold it up she starts grinning.

She's such a happy baby! and she LOVES to be naked!

Harry Potter and the gang, all grown up! We went to see the new movie. Zac has been a huge Harry Potter fan since the first book, which we read
together as a family. He didn't read The Order of the Phoenix, at over 800 pages it was a bit of a daunting task. So now that he's seen the movie, he has started reading the book. I will be getting the 6th book, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (I think that's the title). I haven't read that one yet and I refuse to buy the hard cover book. YES! I'm cheap.

The Order of the Phoenix was was my least favorite book of the series, because it has a darker, more depressing plot. But as always the movie is enjoyable. We've seen these characters grow up on the screen. I look forward to the rest of the series! Harry Potter is awesome because it helped build the desire to read in Zac. These books, as well as The Series of Unfortunate Event series were just the thing to get him interested in reading.

5 Months

Cassidy and Cricket

Five months old already! Wow I can't believe it. Seems like yesterday I was feeling her kick. She is growing like a weed, way too fast! She sits up by herself for a long time now. Although when she eventually falls, she doesn't want to sit anymore, she wants to STAND. C'mon little one! No growing up too soon!

Cassidy and Comet


16 lbs, 5 oz.
25 inches
16.5 inches, head circumference

Her eyes are getting darker, I don't think they'll stay blue. We'll have to wait and see. Her dark hair is all gone, it has come in very light. And she has CHUNKY thighs, just like her mom!

Cassidy loves her puppies, they always make her smile. She likes watching them fetch the ball and bring it back. Comet is always licking her feet which makes her giggle. They are shedding, so Mommy is always swiffering and vacuuming so I don't get all full of hair when I play on the floor. Every once in a while when I'm sitting with Comet I pull his hair, he just gives me a look, but doesn't get too mad.


An innocent trip to Babies R Us turned into a not so innocent cha-ching on the credit card!! Our Babies R Us has just opened a Kiddies Kandid photo studio. Yesterday was the first day they were opened for business, so they didn't have many appointments scheduled. Well as we were meandering around the store looking for bargains, the manager came up and offered a free 8x10 if we'd like to have Cassidy's picture taken.

Well, as I'm sure you can imagine, one 8x10 turned into a package. I mean seriously, who can say NO to adorable pictures. Actually the first picture they took, the one with her on her belly with the apples was the best picture. She didn't want to cooperate too much with sitting in a chair, she wanted to STAND!! Then she started getting hungry so we stopped. I was impressed with the props they had and will probably have them do some pictures at Xmas time.

And on a final exciting note for the day, big brother Zac put Cassidy to sleep tonite. She was a bit fussier than usual, she had a late nap, so it threw things off a bit, she just didn't want to settle earlier, so Zac laid her in her crib with her aquarium on, but that only lasted a few minutes, he hates to hear her fuss even 30 seconds so we went and got her out of her crib and sat down on the glider. I gave him her bottle and within 2 minutes she was asleep, he rocked her about 5 more minutes and then carried her to her crib and put her down. He was very proud of himself!

Now, if we could just get the dogs to sleep in longer, we think Cassidy would sleep longer in the morning, but they want to get up and have breakfast and go outside at about 6 a.m. and usually the little ruckus they make is enough to wake her.

Friday the 13th!!!

Cassidy loves her bath time. It's like an off switch tho, we have our bedtime routine down to a science, after her bath, she gets in her jammies and then we let her play in her jumper or under her play gym for about 10 minutes to wind down. Then Daddy (usually) gives her last bottle, she usually falls asleep within 5 minutes and is out for the night. She sleeps between 8 and 10 hrs (occasionally keeping us on our toes by waking at 3:30 or so, but not often).

Cassidy is loving sitting up. We sit her down with some toys and she's content for a little while. Her bedroom is at an angle from the kitchen, so I can do some chores in the kitchen while she's playing in the bedroom. She's rarely alone tho, as you can see by the picture, this particular day Cricket was keeping her company.

Another favorite thing at the moment, is her rainforest jumper. She really goes to town jumping in this thing. She giggles and loves all the toys. Especially the dragonfly, which she can pull to her mouth and chew on the wings. YUM!

Highs and Lows

Well today was a busy day, first we headed off to do some shopping. Bought some formula at BRU which turned out to be harder than one would think. The scanners were down at the checkout, so they had run to the shelves and write down the scanner number and then run back to the register. Whew!

Then we headed to the mall, I was looking for some bargains. Well I found bargains at JC Penney, I picked up 6 outfits for next summer (18 month) and 1 for this year for $31. CHA CHING!

We then headed home and went about our day. Around 3 or so Cassidy didn't want to play or eat, so I decided to lay her in her crib under her mobile and turn on her aquarium (her white noise machine was still on from her earlier nap). She loves to lay there and is usually pretty content for a while. So I did a few chores, then about 10 minutes later I realized I no longer her babbling, so I peeked in her room and she was ASLEEP. WOOHOOO, that's the first time she fell asleep on her own in her crib.

Then came time to go for her 4 month checkup (yes we are behind, she is just about 5 months old). Everything went well, the pediatrician was happy to see her sitting by herself. After she was thoroughly given the once over, the nurse came in with those NASTY needles. I will admit she did much better this time. It didn't take long to calm her, and within 2 mins of leaving the office she was snoozing.

She was a bit fussier in the evening, but not too bad, enjoyed her bath as usual. But then when trying to give her last bottle she got really fussy. We are not used to a fussy baby at all, so after about 10-15 minutes, I laid her in her crib and once again turned on the aquarium, mobile and her white noise machine. For about a minute she cried hard, then all of a sudden silence. I peeked in because I was nervous something was wrong after all the fussing; but she was just quietly watching her mobile and when I went back in a couple minutes later she was OUT. She's been asleep a couple hours now, we'll see how she does through the night. AND we'll have to see if we can start putting her down awake, especially for naps that would be AWESOME!

I hope she has a peaceful night.

Miniature Golfing

We went miniature golfing with Grandma, Grandpa, Dylan and Shelby. Dylan and Shelby are our cousins on Mommy's side. Dylan is autistic, he's a sweet kid who loves trains, Spongebob and chasing butterflies.

It was fun, it was the first time Dylan and Shelby ever went miniature golfing. Dylan had a lot of fun. It's always neat to watch him do something new, he didn't hold the golf club right, but it didn't matter to him.

But the most exciting thing for Dylan was the train ride. He couldn't wait to go on the train. Cassidy got her first train ride, too. We all had a great time.

Tennis Anyone?

Well, the last two weeks Mommy spent most of the day with the TV on which is weird. But she likes to watch tennis. She's funny to watch as she watches the matches, she yells at players and shakes her head. She says right now she likes watching the women play better than the men. She likes Serena Williams best, but when she got hurt, she was pulling for her sister, Venus. So Mommy was really happy when she won Wimbledon.

She says the men aren't so much fun to watch anymore since some guy named Andre Agassi doesn't play anymore. She likes Andy Roddick and James Blake, but they always choke. She likes Rafael Nadal, but she's sick of some guy named Roger Federer, he's just too good.

Mommy dressed me in my purple Eeyore tennis outfit for this special occasion. She loves purple and Eeyore and my bedroom is decorated in lots of Eeyore knick knacks she's collected over the years.

July ?

Way to chilly for July! It didn't even reach 80 degrees on the fourth. Plus it was damp and drizzling. I didn't even get to wear my All American Girl dress that mom bought just for the fourth. Oh well, Grandpa was happy cause I did wear my camouflage overalls.

Zac didn't mind the cold, him and his buddies still went swimming, brrrrrr.

Both kids are camera hogs like their daddy. I swear even Cassidy, when she sees that camera in my hand starts to grin. Zac is just like his dad and tries to sneak in every picture possible.

Collage CRAZY!

Well I went a bit crazy once I discovered how to make collages, below are a bunch of collages I made using Shutterfly's Studio. I also ordered a bunch from them. Can't wait to get them so I can do some scrapbooking.

Winnie the Pooh!

My Pool


Early Summer Fun



Baseball Collage

Yummy Cereal

naked baby collage

Mom is addicted to yard sales and Craigslist! This jumper she got at a yard sale at Jerry & Jill's house. She also got a few outfits for me this weekend. Last weekend we hauled in a bunch of goodies. Daddy complains I can't even crawl yet but I have a whole playground in the backyard already.

Mommy is getting ready for me to start walking, I know it's a ways away, but she found this little car with a push bar in the back. It was on clearance at Toys R Us.

Big Brother Zac helps me give it a test ride.

OMG --- I'm just too cute!

Reading on the couch. Looks like a funny story!