Harry Potter and the gang, all grown up! We went to see the new movie. Zac has been a huge Harry Potter fan since the first book, which we read
together as a family. He didn't read The Order of the Phoenix, at over 800 pages it was a bit of a daunting task. So now that he's seen the movie, he has started reading the book. I will be getting the 6th book, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (I think that's the title). I haven't read that one yet and I refuse to buy the hard cover book. YES! I'm cheap.

The Order of the Phoenix was was my least favorite book of the series, because it has a darker, more depressing plot. But as always the movie is enjoyable. We've seen these characters grow up on the screen. I look forward to the rest of the series! Harry Potter is awesome because it helped build the desire to read in Zac. These books, as well as The Series of Unfortunate Event series were just the thing to get him interested in reading.

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