As if anyone needed proof I'm a KLUTZ

Last week, Jaxon was starting to fuss for his bedtime bottle, he was in the swing. Chuck got up to get him out of the swing and I got up to go get him a bottle. As I stood up, with my laptop in hand, it just ever so slowly slipped out of my fingertips, falling about 6 inches to the floor. The worst thing was that it managed to flip in those 6 inches and land on the screen -- when I opened the laptop back up, the screen did not work and you could tell it had cracked in quite a few pieces.

Luckily, we have the accidental included in our warranty so it will get replaced for free, but I am now at the mercy of getting Chuck's work laptop on occasion or using our dinosaur of a desktop in our bedroom. So I'm patiently waiting for Best Buy to call to let me know I can have my laptop back.

Before I sign off, I want to leave you with a video clip that has two of my favorite things . . . . BON JOVI!!!! (YUM . . . DROOL . . . YUM!!) and baseball. I know most people find baseball boring, but after watching the love of your life play it for over 15 years (and I might add he was pretty damn good) and now our son is playing it, I have learned to love the sport immensely and am now an avid fantasy player also. Looking forward to my Dodgers in the post season. Go DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

Cassidy's First Haircut

Cassidy gets her first haircut, I had trimmed her bangs once, but it was time to tame the rest of her mop.

Trimming up the bangs. She sat on my lap and we used a lollipop to try to keep her as still as possible, but she was still a wiggle worm.

All done, not to bad. She wasn't upset or scared, but she did seem a bit intimidated, but hey, who can blame her, with some strange guy coming at her with a scissors.

One Month

Here's our little man at one month old. He is still a fusspot at times, but seems to calm down quicker for us. He absolutely HATES being swaddles, but it's the only way we get him to sleep for more than 30 minutes. Cassidy would calm right down when we swaddled her, he screams bloody murder. During the day, I do put him on his belly and he is so content.

Here are my future rock stars. Goofing at Grandma & Grandpa's.

Rock on, Dude!

Even big brother gets in on the act!

Scrapbook of Cassidy's Summer

Below are the scrapbook pages I made. I have about 7 scrapbooks for Zac, I have one for Cassidy, I used to do them all by hand, but now that I'm going to have to keep three scrapbooks up to date and digital pictures, I figured this would be easier.

I am changing formats from 12x12 to 8x11 because it will be much cheaper for me to print out the pages. I was worried about skimping on some elements, but in the day of digital pictures, I can crop and add as many pics to a page as I want and WITHOUT using scissors!!! Also, since it will be easier, I'll probably do more pages and keep up with it better, so I'm thinking it's a win-win for me.