As if anyone needed proof I'm a KLUTZ

Last week, Jaxon was starting to fuss for his bedtime bottle, he was in the swing. Chuck got up to get him out of the swing and I got up to go get him a bottle. As I stood up, with my laptop in hand, it just ever so slowly slipped out of my fingertips, falling about 6 inches to the floor. The worst thing was that it managed to flip in those 6 inches and land on the screen -- when I opened the laptop back up, the screen did not work and you could tell it had cracked in quite a few pieces.

Luckily, we have the accidental included in our warranty so it will get replaced for free, but I am now at the mercy of getting Chuck's work laptop on occasion or using our dinosaur of a desktop in our bedroom. So I'm patiently waiting for Best Buy to call to let me know I can have my laptop back.

Before I sign off, I want to leave you with a video clip that has two of my favorite things . . . . BON JOVI!!!! (YUM . . . DROOL . . . YUM!!) and baseball. I know most people find baseball boring, but after watching the love of your life play it for over 15 years (and I might add he was pretty damn good) and now our son is playing it, I have learned to love the sport immensely and am now an avid fantasy player also. Looking forward to my Dodgers in the post season. Go DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

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Boo said...

I'm not sure about the baseball (it's not big here at all in Australia) but I DO LOVE BON JOVI!!!! When I got my tonsil's out when I was 15 my brother went and hired every single Bon Jovi video he could find for me! (thanks for the happy memory!!)