1 Year Photo Session

Ain't she too cute. Man, it's hard to go through and pick out what pictures to get, luckily the studio limits the shoot to 6 shots. I could have had more if I wanted to, but she was finished with those so fast and was so happy I wasn't going to push my luck.

I love her toes, I know most Moms dress up their girls in dresses for pix, but it's just not me, I wanted her in her faded overalls and her bare tootsies showing. In the meantime, I'll just keep dreading the day she turns into a girly-girly and wants bows in hair and dresses on (GAG!!!!)

I'd recommend Kiddie Kandids (inside Babies R Us) stores to anyone, but I think the biggest trick to good pictures is planning ahead. I made the appt for 45 mins after naptime so I had a few minutes to dress her, give her a snack, and head off to the store. There was no wait, I even got in a few minutes early. That all went smoothly, Chuck offered to go along and I said nah that's ok. But I forgot I had to sit down and pick out the package and the pictures/borders/effects. Well since Cassidy was nice and rested, she didn't want to sit in my lap while Mommy picked out pictures. LOL oh well it was ALMOST perfect.

I'll post some pictures with cake in a few days, we are having a belated b-day party for her on March 2. After I set it up I realized I probably picked that day subconsciously as a way to celebrate Jon Bon Jovi's 46th birthday!!! LOL


Well, Zac is entering his second year of the teens. FOURTEEN. We sat down and picked out his high school schedule for next year. OMG where did the years go.

Cassidy turned one. She celebrated in Virginia with her big brother's hockey team for most of the day, then we went to a quiet dinner at TGIF with her godmother and one of her sons. The staff came out to sing to her and she had some fun playing with a piece of angel food cake with chocolate mousse swirled inside. I love her Eeyore outfit, it's Zac's outfit and he wore it when he turned one

We stayed in Chesapeake Bay and it was lovely. We visited the aquarium and stopped at the beach -- Cassidy's first visit to the beach. She would have went right in, she didn't seem to mind it was only 60 degrees

We got her a tickle me Elmo and a Backyardigans radio. We are having a little get together on the weekend (I know a couple weeks late) with few family and friends because we got some hassle that we didn't have a party -- like she'll remember! But I do want to get her a cake and watch her make a mess, so that will be fun.