Lil bit of this and that

So here are some pictures of the "coloring of the eggs".   Things went pretty well, Cassidy didn't want to share the colors (no surprise there) and she certainly didn't understand the concept of being gentle with the eggs, so there are several cracked color eggs in the box.   We will probably give it another go on Friday with another half dozen or so eggs.   Zac loves hard-boiled eggs, so there's no worry about getting sick of egg salad here.

On to other tidbits.  Zac was actually ASKING for a haircut.  I always promised myself that I would never whine about my kid getting a haircut.  As long as he washes it on a regular basis and runs a brush through it, I swore I'd never be one of those parents who makes their kids get a haircut.  So far I've been pretty good about it.  So now that baseball started and he put a baseball hat on and got these cute little flippys under the hat, he has been bugging for a short haircut.  Well if you can see above, it's not all that short, but he's happy with it, and that's fine with me.  He had a gentleman cut his hair this time and gave him an edgier cut, so for now, he's content.  Of course, I also noticed at dinner last night that he's sporting a hint of a mustache.  Since he's so fair skinned and has blonde hair it isn't extremely noticeable, but it's there.

And since several of my mommy friends have made "poop" posts over the last month or so I thought I'd have to share one.  I don't think I ever mentioned that Cassidy has been diagnosed with a type of chronic diarrhea.  Now it's not as bad as it sounds, it has to do with the fact that her movements are never solid, which always makes for a very messy cleanup.  Luckily, she only goes every other day (sometimes even a bit longer) but when she does go, break out the wipes!   So I am looking forward to when she gets a bit more interested potty training.  For now she'll sit on the potty with the diaper, she'll tell me right after she poops with a loud "I'm STINKY!"  

This morning while cleaning up her toxic waste, it was so delightful to hear Jaxon behind me, grunting and pushing . . . . . Jaxon is a dainty pooper LOL.  He prefers to leave me "little presents" several times a day.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Weekend.

Da Easter Bunny!

Here is the picture from the Easter Bunny visit.  If you notice Cassidy is not looking especially thrilled.   Luckily, once again her big brother came to her rescue and sat with her.  Notice the hand on her face.  This is her "if I put my hand here, you can't see me" gesture.  She does this at home when she doesn't want her diaper changed, or when someone comes over and she doesn't want to talk to them, this is her way to "hide".

Jaxon was oblivious to da bunny and even tho Zac isn't smiling, he offered to be in the picture of his own free will because he knows teenage girls eat up these pics with him and his little brother and sister.  He took a wallet picture and posted it on his facebook page. . . he is way "smoother" than his father ever was.