Da Easter Bunny!

Here is the picture from the Easter Bunny visit.  If you notice Cassidy is not looking especially thrilled.   Luckily, once again her big brother came to her rescue and sat with her.  Notice the hand on her face.  This is her "if I put my hand here, you can't see me" gesture.  She does this at home when she doesn't want her diaper changed, or when someone comes over and she doesn't want to talk to them, this is her way to "hide".

Jaxon was oblivious to da bunny and even tho Zac isn't smiling, he offered to be in the picture of his own free will because he knows teenage girls eat up these pics with him and his little brother and sister.  He took a wallet picture and posted it on his facebook page. . . he is way "smoother" than his father ever was.

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