It's hard to look at this picture of Zac and not realize how big he is. He is now as tall as me. I forget at times because he can still be such an immature brat, but when he takes the time to "clean up" it shocks me!

Here he is with his proud little sister who really wanted to grab (and I'm sure taste) his trophy. She adores Zac, he is so silly with her and she loves it. Sometimes he can be a bit rough, but it doesn't bother her a bit, the rougher the better!!!

Congrats Zac and the Laurys Knee-Hi Team

Zac's baseball team won their season. It was close and came down to the last game, but his team did it. They will be playing an all-star team made up of the other teams on Sunday, and that will be it for the season. I'm hoping to get more pictures (with trophies!) at that game.

Zac had his best season, he really hit the ball well this year. He mostly caught, sharing duties behind the plate with another teammate. He occasionally would play in the outfield late in the game as a defensive move and had one pitching outing (much to my dismay, it makes me way too nervous when he pitches!! EGADS! He did ok, but I was happy when it was over.)

He is looking forward to a couple free baseball weeks, and then hopefully if all goes well, he'll be playing fall ball. Since he is not playing travel hockey this year, he has time to play fall ball. He's looking forward to it. The one thing that baseball has over hockey for him, is that it is more local, so he's with more school buddies, hockey is more obscure so the kids are from a wider area . . . another plus for this baseball team is that it is much more laid-back and no kids (or parents) have egos! It's a recreational league so there's a lot less pressure.

Well, It Figures

. . . . It looks like we are going to be having a miserably hot summer. I mean, seriously, it's the first weekend of June and they are already talking about our first heatwave. We normally don't even get near the 90s til sometime in July. But since I'm pregnant, I guess we will have to have an obnoxiously hot summer. I was pregnant and had Zac in the worst winter here in PA. The most snow we ever had. The winter I had Cassidy was pretty mild, except 2 days before she was born when we had a terrible snow/ice storm, luckily most of the roads were cleared by the time we headed to the hospital.

So in preparation for the weather, we decided to go look for a kiddie pool for Cassidy. Well we found this cute play area that sprinkles water, there's one spot that gets a bit deeper (probably 2-3 inches) with a little cabana shelter, it has a shark to ride, an elephant slide, palm tree, and a cone with starfish to stack. It stays hooked up to the hose so the water continues to sprinkle.

Well, as everyone knows, water from the hose is cold. We set it up and took her outside, thinking she'd run for the hills, because we hadn't let the water warm up. No way, she was all for it. In the beginning, she was a bit timid, but then she must have gotten used to the water and started having a blast. Zac came out and splashed around with her. Cassidy bumped into him and gave him a bloody nose, with Zac it doesn't take much.

I'll probably regret not getting something deeper that I could at least put my feet in to cool off, but after watching her the two of them goofing off for about 40 minutes, I'll survive.

It's Baseball Season

Well, Zac's baseball season has been pretty darn good. The sad thing is at this age level more and more kids drop out of baseball, so there are only four teams in his league. He plays each team 6 times. At the moment, Zac's team is in first place, they beat the 2nd place team last night in a nail-biter and play that same team again on Sunday. There will be no playoffs in this league so if his team wins the season, they win the championship. He's pretty psyched about it, his baseball teams have done well over the years and made it to the playoffs, but never past the second round.

I'm also enjoying watching Chuck chase Cassidy around at the games, while still trying to pay attention and yell at Zac (of course!). After playing baseball for 35 years and then coaching Zac, it's been hard on him to sit on the sidelines. But this is payback for the 9 years Chuck played baseball (36+ games a summer) while I spent the games entertaining/chasing Zac.

Yes, I'm still here!

It has been quite a while since I posted anything. This is in part due to the fact that my old laptop died again, we took it back to Best Buy, which has been especially great at timely fixes. We did point out, however, that this was the FOURTH time with the same issue (power/power cord). Well, after two weeks of hearing nothing, Chuck called and asked what's up. . . . well sure enough, the issue fell under the lemon policy and I was entitled to a replacement laptop. It worked out quite well, I had my old laptop almost 3 years, the warranty was due to run out in 2 weeks, so the timing was perfect. So I now have a new laptop, which was free . . . we did shell out some $ for another 3 year warranty, but still a sweet deal. Of course, in 3 years even a low-end laptop is way faster and better than my old one, so woohoo for me. The only downside is that I lost a few pictures and all my music, 3,000 songs plus. I have most of my music on my ipod so I just have to figure out how to get the tunes off the ipod and on this pc. It is doable, I just have to sit down and DO it.