Congrats Zac and the Laurys Knee-Hi Team

Zac's baseball team won their season. It was close and came down to the last game, but his team did it. They will be playing an all-star team made up of the other teams on Sunday, and that will be it for the season. I'm hoping to get more pictures (with trophies!) at that game.

Zac had his best season, he really hit the ball well this year. He mostly caught, sharing duties behind the plate with another teammate. He occasionally would play in the outfield late in the game as a defensive move and had one pitching outing (much to my dismay, it makes me way too nervous when he pitches!! EGADS! He did ok, but I was happy when it was over.)

He is looking forward to a couple free baseball weeks, and then hopefully if all goes well, he'll be playing fall ball. Since he is not playing travel hockey this year, he has time to play fall ball. He's looking forward to it. The one thing that baseball has over hockey for him, is that it is more local, so he's with more school buddies, hockey is more obscure so the kids are from a wider area . . . another plus for this baseball team is that it is much more laid-back and no kids (or parents) have egos! It's a recreational league so there's a lot less pressure.

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Kady Mae Bella said...

Great job Zac!!! The whole season? Awesome!