It's Baseball Season

Well, Zac's baseball season has been pretty darn good. The sad thing is at this age level more and more kids drop out of baseball, so there are only four teams in his league. He plays each team 6 times. At the moment, Zac's team is in first place, they beat the 2nd place team last night in a nail-biter and play that same team again on Sunday. There will be no playoffs in this league so if his team wins the season, they win the championship. He's pretty psyched about it, his baseball teams have done well over the years and made it to the playoffs, but never past the second round.

I'm also enjoying watching Chuck chase Cassidy around at the games, while still trying to pay attention and yell at Zac (of course!). After playing baseball for 35 years and then coaching Zac, it's been hard on him to sit on the sidelines. But this is payback for the 9 years Chuck played baseball (36+ games a summer) while I spent the games entertaining/chasing Zac.

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