Scrapbook of Cassidy's Summer

Below are the scrapbook pages I made. I have about 7 scrapbooks for Zac, I have one for Cassidy, I used to do them all by hand, but now that I'm going to have to keep three scrapbooks up to date and digital pictures, I figured this would be easier.

I am changing formats from 12x12 to 8x11 because it will be much cheaper for me to print out the pages. I was worried about skimping on some elements, but in the day of digital pictures, I can crop and add as many pics to a page as I want and WITHOUT using scissors!!! Also, since it will be easier, I'll probably do more pages and keep up with it better, so I'm thinking it's a win-win for me.

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Life's a journey.. not a destination said...

That scrapbook is amazing! How awesome that the kids will have those always. I really need to get going on Caleb's seeing as #2 will be here soon!