Tennis Anyone?

Well, the last two weeks Mommy spent most of the day with the TV on which is weird. But she likes to watch tennis. She's funny to watch as she watches the matches, she yells at players and shakes her head. She says right now she likes watching the women play better than the men. She likes Serena Williams best, but when she got hurt, she was pulling for her sister, Venus. So Mommy was really happy when she won Wimbledon.

She says the men aren't so much fun to watch anymore since some guy named Andre Agassi doesn't play anymore. She likes Andy Roddick and James Blake, but they always choke. She likes Rafael Nadal, but she's sick of some guy named Roger Federer, he's just too good.

Mommy dressed me in my purple Eeyore tennis outfit for this special occasion. She loves purple and Eeyore and my bedroom is decorated in lots of Eeyore knick knacks she's collected over the years.

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Thatcher's Mommy said...

I love it! See... she has PINK on! Way to go Mom!!!