Cassidy's "House"

Here is Cassidy's "House". She has just started enjoying playing in it. She loves the mailbox because I'm always putting different toys in it and she reaches up and pulls then out (and then has to chew on them, OF COURSE). Also if you can see in the pictures there are some veggies in her garden behind her, she likes to pick those. She spins the birds a bit, but not too much. Last night, we ate dinner while she stayed in her room and played in her house all by herself.

I found this little house at a church yard sale for $10. I was absolutely thrilled. I saw a couple on Craigslist and they were posted for $30 or more and were missing pieces. This one has all the pieces (veggies and letter) and other than one little crayon mark is perfect.

If you look in the corner, you can see Cassidy has a visitor. Comet gets excited about the house because the doorbell and the little blue bird sticking out of the birdhouse above the veggies squeak like his balls. He's always ready for a game of fetch and is disappointed by all the squeaky toys Cassidy has.


Ashley Hester said...

You always find the best stuff!!!

Kady Mae Bella said...

Cassidy is so strong...she's sitting up like a big girl! Goooo Cassidy!