Knoeble's Grove

We went to Knoeble's Grove on Thursday, Zac took his best buddy along. They had a blast, as you can see, they also got soaked. they went on the "Skloosh" ride several times. And then would stand on the bridge to get completely drenched by the next boat down the hill.

This was the first time we ever went
to this park, it's about 2 hrs from home. The nice thing is that there is no admittance fee to get into the park. You can buy all-day passes for the kids and then if we wanted to go on a ride or two we could just buy individual tickets. The boys had a blast and rode all the thrill rides. Dad went on a few, too.

Cassidy enjoyed the day, she slept through a good part of it, but she did get to go on a couple of carousels. The first one she liked (pic Mom & Cassidy), we had her on a stationary horse. But the second carousel the horse went up and down, she wasn't 100% sure of that. She didn't cry, but we couldn't get one of her precious smiles out of her either (pic Dad & Cassidy.


Ashley Hester said...

Oh yay!! our fair is this coming weeks!! Don't worry we will have lots of pics! LOL

How sweet is she? Riding on the carousel with mom and pop!! SOO Presh!

Kady Mae Bella said...

The fair looks like so much fun!! I think we'll take Kady to the fair this year...I think we'll have a blast like ya'll did!!