My Three at 3 Months

Zac at 3 Months

Jax at 3 months

Cassidy at 3 months

So many people have told us since we had Jaxon that he looks like Cassidy, Chuck and I have always wondered exactly what they were looking at? I actually hugged a friend when she said "He looks nothing like Cassidy."

Now many of these people either didn't see Zac as a baby or couldn't remember what Zac looked like as a baby. BUT Chuck and I knew he resembled Zac much more than Cassidy.


Kelly said...

I have to agree with you... Jaxon and Zac could be the same kid.

I see a resemblance in Cassidy.. but its a much softer look and not the same.

Surviver for now said...

i agree he looks more like zac not cassidy he is such a cutie though

katiebear said...

I also agree that Jaxon looks MUCH more like Zac. Cassidy looks completely different!

Irishembi said...

You never heard ME say Jax looked like Cassidy. LOL!

Cassidy was the EPITOME of baby girl with that Gerber Baby face and perfect eyelashes.

Jax is a gorgeous baby in his own right, but Cassidy was just SUCH a GIRL!

And yes with pictures for comparison, he looks a great deal like Zac.

Dani said...

Thanks for the comments!

I guess the thing for me is that even tho there is a resemblance between Jax and Zac, is the fact that Cassidy is so completely different, I think it has to do with her round "gerber-baby" face.