WOOHOO Eight Hours a Night

Our little guy is sleeping about 8 hours a night!! WAHHOO.
Friday into Saturday he slept over 9 hours.
Hopefully, I won't jinx it by posting here.

Here's our silly, giggle box!

As you can tell by my blog and my music (did ya even know Bon Jovi had a couple Christmas songs!) I am getting ready for Xmas.
I have most presents for the kids bought/ordered. I would say I'm about
75 percent done. Chuck's always last on my list, I have one thing and need to figure what else to buy him.

I must say, I hate our Walmart, let's just say the location attracts an unsavory crowd that leaves the store in a mess. BUT! I have found a way to take advantage of their low prices without having to shop the cluttered aisles --- SHIP TO STORE!

I will be picking up Cassidy's kitchen ($20 less than anywhere else I could find it) and a couple little things for Jax, one of which was not available anywhere else. I just received an email that they are all in and ready for pickup! Very convenient and no shipping costs. Of course, now we just have to assemble the kitchen!


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Irishembi said...

GROAN! I think that's a universal Wal-Mart problem. This year I'm trying to shop at Target.

Love the Christmas theme! :-)