Jaxon's Baptism

Jaxon is now officially a member of our church. He made it through the ceremony much better than we anticipated, considering he can be a major fusspot. Jaxon was baptized alongside Maddi. Maddi is his cousin, Nikki's, baby. She is one month older than him.

Jax was starting to fuss right before we were about to go up to the font, the priest warned us that the water was very cold and that Jax would most likely not be happy, well, since this little guy has to be different, as soon as the water hit his head, he quieted down and was content. Cassidy was kept busy by her cousin, Shelby, until she got a little too bored and then Grandpa took her downstairs and kept her happy. Pictures are courtesy of our photographer for the event --- Zac. :)

And here we are, no family of five picture today, Cassidy wouldn't stay still long enough and I'd rather have no picture than a picture with a screaming kid squirming to get free. What do you think of the new glasses???


katiebear said...

I like the glasses a lot! You guys look so happy. =) Silly Cassidy was just bummed that she wasn't the center of attention for the day.

Jayme said...

I had to stop by and say i love your blog,, great job!!

Came across your link on Babyfit and stopped by to check it out.

You have a beautiful family, take care.

Jayme (aka Jayme31, babyfit)

Thatcher's Mommy said...

As soon as I saw the picture I said, "I LOVE the glasses." Love love love them. Of course, maybe I'm biased! :)

I can't believe Jax is so big already!

Anonymous said...

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