Under Construction

I'm working on personalizing this blog a little more, so bear with the changes.

Well DUH, FINALLY!! I figured out how to put a personalized header on my blog, I was WAY overthinking it, dreading html and xml codes. I swear I was so aggravated last night trying to figure it out I dreamt about blogs, but alas, somewhere in the middle of the night it dawned on me how to do it.

And yes, I know the background is Halloween, but I didn't like any Thanksgiving ones and I know I'll be adding a Christmas background soon.

Thx. dani

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Boo said...

While I've been working on my new blog I've dreamt about blogs too! We have a cricketer named Shane Warne here and I dreamt HE had a blog that he called "worties" because it was about "Warnie in his Forties"

Love the new header!!