Well she couldn't wait

Well Cassidy's birthday is Feb. 16, NOT Feb 19. She couldn't wait.

I woke at about 2:30 a.m. Friday morning and when I rolled over I felt "something". So I got up to go to the bathroom and as soon as I stood up, gush. WOW! So I wasn't sure yet (yes I can be slow). So I thought before I wake up Chuck I need to see, well I didn't even make it around the bed before an even bigger gush. I must have made some noise cause Chuck woke up and said what's wrong? I said "my water broke!" He said "your kidding". I head to the bathroom to attempt to clean up.

I compose myself and call the on-call nurse and she has the on-call dr call me (of course since I'm not delivering on the scheduled date it's a dr I hadn't met before) She calls back and tells me to head to the hospital. Well since we thought we had the weekend to get ready I had nothing packed. So I start packing and Chuck gets dressed. Meanwhile Zac wakes up and comes in the bedroom. We tell him to get dressed he's going to grandma's. Chuck calls my mom and tells her we're dropping off Zac and heading to the hospital.

We were all very calm, I wasn't having any contractions, so it was easy to remain calm. We dropped Zac off at my mom's and got to the hospital at about 4. They hooked me up to monitors and everything looked great, things moved so smoothly and by 5 I was being wheeled to the OR. I got my epi and then we just had to wait for the dr to get to the hospital.

Once the dr came in, they let Chuck in, he sat next to me and held my hand. The dr felt my belly and said "about 8 lbs." Then she started cutting and before I know it they were telling Chuck to stand up so he could watch, the dr said wow look at that hair (surprise surprise) I expected another bald baby.

It took a little while for Cassidy to cry, and Chuck and the nurses were watching til she finally let out a big wail. They cleaned her off and wrapped her up and brought her over to me, I got to squeeze and kiss her for a couple minutes before she went to the nursery. Chuck went along with her. It took about 15-20 minutes for them to stitch me back up. The people in the room were great, they had a great sense of humor and included me in their joking around. We had just had a major snowstorm and roads had been closed so a couple of the operating staff had been at the hospital for a few days because they couldn't get home.

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