Going Home

Sunday! Chuck and Zac come in around 8. I had already showered and changed. The doctor came in and I asked if I could go home today, he said well I was planning on releasing you tomorrow. I said please!! I'd feel better and more relaxed at home. So he said as long as Cassidy is released by the ped I could go home. YIPPPEEE!

Cassidy got the OK. So we started packing up. They technician gave us two diaper bags, she made a big deal of giving one to the "Big Brother". Zac was thrilled to be included. Cassidy got her picture taken and we bundled her up and headed home. HOME SWEET HOME!

We were home by 10:30 on the 18th. Zac had the "it's a girl" sign in the front yard and balloons in the window. The dogs checked out the baby, but I don't think they realize she's staying yet!

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