Happy St. Patrick's Day

Well I think we got about 8 inches of snow, it's kinda compacted now cause there was sleet mixed in with it. Figures it took to the middle of March to get a decent snowstorm, the only other storm we got this year was Valentine's day, so there was snow on the ground when Cassidy was born, just like when Zac was born. Guess both my kids are snowbabies!

I had to take the picture posted, because my mom bought her this absolutely GORGEOUS snowsuit, but she never got to wear it, it's too bulky to wear in her carseat, and seriously when are you going to take the newborn out in the snow, so we dressed her up quick and took a pic.

She has taken to liking her swing, she fell asleep in it last nite and slept for hours, I had to wake her up to feed her. And she's in it now, dozing. Which is great, it's nice to know I can put her in the swing and get some stuff done, granted it's not usually fun stuff, it's stuff like laundry, dishes, sweeping up dog hair, etc. And if I'm lucky I have time to pop online, like now.

Oh I need to add the laugh we had the other evening. Apparently during the fall a couple bugs decided are home was the place to winter and raise a family. Anyway we saw a box elder bug in the kitchen and the next thing you knew it flew, well apparently it flew onto Zac's flannel PJ pants and he couldn't find it, fearing it crawled in the button down fly, he proceeded to quickly push his pants off and was flipping his pants up and down, now his shirt was long enough to cover most of him, but it was too frikkin funny to see the bottom of his butt cheeks hanging out as he was flipping out over this bug! Laughter is such a wonderful sound in the home

Oooops, I guess I should have typed this in green, I forgot it's St. Patrick's Day, so HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!!

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