October 2006

So now its decision time--do we wanna know the sex. It didn't take us long to decide, YES WE DO. Nothing could ever be more of a surprise than this pregnancy itself. I was hoping for another boy, guess that's the tomboy in me. Both Chuck and Zac were hoping for a girl.

Zac got to come along to this u/s. The tech took lots of pictures of the spine and brain again, the baby wasn't being too cooperative in the beginning, and finally the tech said I think it's a girl. Of course we were all thrilled. As she continued the ultrasound, she moved and the tech said yup it's a girl (how she could tell I'll never know). Once again everything looked good, but still didn't have very good pics of the heart so I have to go again next month, but that's ok with me, I love seeing her grow.

We have no names picked out for a girl. We had a boy's name, Zander. The only thing I'm pretty sure of is that the middle name will be Jane after my mom, that's her middle name.

Zac's hockey season has started up. So that's about to get into full swing.

And on the job front, Chuck is once again employed!!! He is back as a contractor at a job he lost about 20 months ago. He's working with the same guys he was before. He's happy, which is always a good thing.

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