One Day Old

I woke up at 5 (because they took my blood pressure Again). So I took a nice shower and boy did I feel better. I put on my own pajamas and went down to the nursery to get Cassidy. Chuck checked in with us at about 6 and came in to visit at about 7.

Zac was at Grandma's again. They came in around 11 and Zac stayed with us all day, even when Chuck left to take care of the dogs. My brother came in to meet his new niece.

Zac loves the cafeteria food (insert eye roll) and he also loves going across the hall to the "goodie" room and getting me goodies. From ice chips and water, soda or jello packs and crackers.

It's very quiet in the maternity ward. Chuck said when they brought Cassidy up from the OR yesterday she was the only girl in there with about 9 boys. Today there is one other girl. I get up and walk around every hour or so. I have no pain, just a bit sore.
I slept much better, they only woke me once for blood pressure. YEAH

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