6 Weeks Old

Wow those 6 weeks went fast. I'm still unbelievably and pathetically happy, I smile constantly when I'm snuggling with my little girl. Zac has become quite the mouthy teenager, he's just like me, God help Chuck, now he has two of us.

The picture above is when she was lying on our bed last weekend and she found her thumb, so far that's the only time. She's gotten her fingers and loves to suck on her fist, but hasn't found the thumb again. Which is fine, she also has a pacifier, but doesn't use it all that much. Helps calm her to sleep sometimes and then falls out.

Sleep is going much better. We bought a "snuggle me" and it a piece of material with velcro and when you wrap her up she looks like a cocoon. This has helped her keep her "crazy arms" from waking herself up and she's averaging about 6 hours of sleep a night, a quick feed and goes back to sleep for a 2-4 more hours.

Nights aren't bad, both Chuck and I get up when she does. Chuck's only rule is if she gets up after 5 a.m. she's all mine cause he has to get up at 6:30 for work. But that's ok with me, I certainly can't complain. I know there aren't many men who'd even consider doing night feedings if Mom doesn't work. My allergies have kicked in so last night Chuck took both feedings. I don't know how I got so frikkin lucky, he truly is the greatest, I mean after all he puts up with all my crap.

Cassidy is doing well, she is eating more at one time so she's not "snacking" all day long, which helps to sleep longer. The only quirk is that she won't nap during the day in her crib, she'll be asleep and if you lay her down in her crib she'll wake up within 30 minutes, but if she falls asleep in her carseat or the swing she'll sleep for HOURS. So that's where we put her, what the heck, she's happy. The dr said she's looking good, she weighs about 11 pounds now. Babies grow too fast, yesterday was probably the last day she wore her "coming home" outfit, she's just about out of the newborn clothes, I have to start packing stuff away already.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and is ready for the Easter Bunny to visit next weekend. Take care.

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