Cassidy Jane was baptized on Sunday, May 20. She was baptized in the same church as her daddy. She started getting fussy toward the end, obviously taking after my side of the family, can't spend too much time inside a church without getting antsy.

We had a small gathering at home afterwards. Which was nice, we don't get together much anymore with Chuck's family, there are just too many of them. Lots of goodies to be eaten, Chuck's mom and sisters baked and we had a cake. We still have leftovers!

Monday morning I dressed up Cassidy in her gowns (she had a baptism gown and a party gown, LOL -- the party gown is way fancy, blech, but my girlfriend bought it for her cause she knew I'd never buy something frilly for Cassidy).

I am going to post the pics so please take a look. I'm so proud of myself for being creative -- I put my purple lavender gown down her boppy and took a bunch of cute pictures. You'll also see a couple pics of when she's had enough of "modeling".

Cassidy is really starting to change, she is such a smiley girl. For the most part she is a very happy baby, but if she gets overtired--LOOK OUT! crabbbbbbbbby! takes a while to wind her down and help her settle and soothe. She is no longer sleeping 8-9 hrs at night, but she is sleeping 6-7 up for about a 30 min bottle and then back to sleep for 3 more hours so it's not too bad.

She naps in her swing most days, or if we are out and she falls asleep in her carseat we leave her sleep in there.

There are less than 3 weeks left of school. It has been a different year for Zac, he had to work harder at some subjects. Things got turned upside down here at home, and he started acting up in school (class clown and silliness). The battle with Zac and school is if he doesn't like his teacher it doesn't matter what the subject is, he doesn't bother with that class. UGGGGH He still gets good grades, but he slacks off in the homework department. I'm hoping all this is just dealing with the upheaval that has been our world since late last August til now and for next year things will get back on track. We stay on his ass, but I'm ready for summer!

I hope everyone in the states has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, looks like it's going to be a beautiful one here weatherwise!

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