School's Out

Let summer begin! We are puppysitting Pepper, my parents' dog. (pictured w/Zac and Cassidy)

Zac is going to struggle this summer, he's used to us going to the pool and hanging out, but I didn't buy season passes this year, because I don't plan to take Cassidy in the pool, so I'm not joining. I will get him 3 day passes and he can tag along with some friends.

My dad plans to take him fishing and golfing, so that will make him happy. And I hope to get out with him fishing a few times. He also likes to go yardsaling with me. He likes finding bargains for himself and Cassidy.

It hasn't been too hot yet, which is lucky cause our AC wasn't working and had to get new fan--cha-ching.

Baseball season started off rough, Zac's team was 1 and 8, but they won the last 7 games to finish at 8-8 and made the playoffs. They won the first game of the playoffs, but lost the 2nd. All in all we were all proud of how the kids finished their season.

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Kady Mae Bella said...

I love how Zach is so protective! He's going to be a wonderful big brother!