Winter's Last Gasp (3/6/07)

Well, lucky me! I have a houseful again today. Just a small Alberta clipper whipping through, only dumping a couple inches, but it comes at prime rush hour time, so the schools closed and Chuck decided to work from home.

It's nice when Chuck works from home cause then he gets to see what kind of schedule Cassidy is on -- which is NO schedule as of now. But she is taking longer naps, which leaves me more time to do chores and actually take a shower w/o rushing.

I cannot wait for spring, if it were just me I'd be out and about, but it's been so frigid, today's low is 4 with windchills of 10 below or so, so no taking baby outside in that without a good reason. It's supposed to start warming up in a couple days. I remember being housebound with Zac as a baby too, his birthday is Feb 8, so it was the same deal.

Chuck and I have decided that Cassidy looks like my mom as a baby, I have a picture of my mom at 6 months framed in the living room and she has the same round face and big eyes. My mom says she looks like her dad, which makes sense cause that's who my mom looks like. I miss my Grandparents so much, yesterday was the 9th anniversary of my Grandpa's death. I think of him often, how much time we spent with him and how much he taught me I now have taught Zac. I hope this little girl likes to fish, cause that's how I keep the memory of Grandpa alive in me, and Zac remembers him a bit.

Oh well enough of the sappiness!

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