Lost Highway

Well I've had the new Bon Jovi cd for a week and a half now and while I don't LOVE it, it's not half bad. It's a little too mellow for me. I just wish it had a couple rockin pop tunes. The closest rockin song is a duet with Big n Rich.

Of course, the ballad (You Want to) Make a Memory is great and I love the video, well that goes without saying because every time I see Jon's face I just grin and grin. He's still so damn sexy. Now I just have to convince Chuck to get tickets to see them again in concert. We saw them in 2005 and in 1996 (I think). In 2005 we took Zac, it was his first concert, he was in awe; he loved the concert and enjoyed watching his mom get all hysterical over Jon and cry and scream, but he decided I wasn't as bad as some of the fans. He also was amazed I knew all the words to every song. WELL DUH!

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