Two Months

Cassidy is doing awesome. She started sleeping through the night last week; we put her down around 10 pm (give or take 30 mins or so) and she sleeps til about 6 am. She's also napping longer during the day, but only in her car seat, swing or bouncy seat. For some reason she only catnaps in her crib during the day. But hey, I can't complain too much, she sleeps at night in the crib, so that's good enough!

She's really smiling and cooing now. Also she is starting to be interested in toys, we lay her on a play mat and she watches whatever is dangling above her. She doesn't bat at them yet, but I'm sure she will soon. OHHHHH and she LOVES mirrors. We have a mirror on the car seat in the van and as soon as we click in her car seat she sees her self and starts to giggle. SO CUTE. Zac's thrilled because it was his idea to buy the particular mirror (it has a bright orange monkey on it). So he's taking the credit. LOL

Zac's baseball season will start next week. Chuck is head coach and looks like we'll have a pretty decent team this year, on the younger side there are only four returning 7th graders (Zac is one of them). The only downfall is the frikkin weather has been so whacked they haven't been able to practice as much as Coach Chuck would like, but at least it's been miserable for everyone so other teams have had the same disadvantage.

Cassidy weighs 12 lbs, 6 oz, which is the exact weight Zac weighed at 2 months. Now he was smaller at birth and one month, so she's not gaining as fast as him, but she's a girl. She still spits up alot and I'm going to ask the pediatrician about that next week, when she goes and gets FOUR shots, poor baby. I'm not too worried about the spit up, she's gaining, and she's outgrowing her clothes, so I know most of it is staying, it's just annoying! It's sad packing away her clothes that she's outgrown already.

I miss the trivia rooms, when I get a chance to log on, I can't find anyone. Feel free to say hi, if you see me online, if I'm here I'll reply!

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