November 2006

Really starting to feel her move around, belly is getting bigger. It's so wonderful to rub my belly and know there's a baby inside. Everything is going along great, I feel wonderful.

Zac's hockey team is doing ok, they are doing better than last year. He's having fun as always. I sleep alot on the way to games this year. I sleep great and this little baby is like a built in furnace, she keeps me nice and toasty.

My sister in law, Donna and my best friend, Karen threw me a baby shower. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I kinda figured it out. It was great. I got some very nice things. Baby things have changed a lot in 13 years, swings are battery operated now instead of winding up, the infant car seats let you get the baby bundled up inside instead of outside! Jogging strollers, bouncy seats, wonderful stuff. I also got a lot of girl stuff, so it better be a girl. Zac was excited about the shower and helped me open the baby stuff.

Well we had our last u/s at the hospital after Thanksgiving, once again Zac got to go along. They got some great pictures of the heart this time and everything was perfect. The baby had her legs spread and there was no missing the fact that YUP it's a GIRL!! Zac asked the doctor some questions from the u/s pics. It's amazing everything you can see on an u/s although some of it just looks like blurs to us, the techs now exactly what everything is.

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