Big Brother

My mom said Zac couldn't sit still, waiting to come to the hospital. Visitors weren't allowed til 11, I'm sure they could have come sooner, but we enjoyed the quiet. My mom took Zac to the balloon shop and he picked out 3 big balloons. I don't know if I've ever seen him smile so big as when he held her for the first time. He wasn't even nervous.

At 6 pm I they took the pressure wraps off my legs and took out the catheter and I was allowed to get out of bed. It felt good to walk to the bathroom and to sit in a chair. I also got a light meal, broth and jello and such. The broth was yummy, but nothing else tasted that good.

Karen and her boys also came to visit on her birthday and she took Zac home with her, til Chuck left me and Cassidy and went home for the night. I had a rotten night in the hospital. I couldn't sleep, I didn't have much pain, but I was too wired to relax and fall asleep. Of course they came in a couple times to take my blood pressure, that didn't help.

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