Happy Easter

OK, WTF it's colder for Easter then it was for Christmas. I mean seriously, it's been flurrying for the last 2 days and tomorrow we could get a dusting to an inch of snow! So much for Easter Egg hunts. Well not that we're too worried about it, Zac's too old and Cassidy's too young, although they'll be eggs to hunt at Grandma's on Easter. Zac helped Grandma paint some eggs today for the other 3 grandkids.

Zac wanted to go fishing, but it was too frickin cold. Zac is anxious to get out fishing cause he wants to try out the new hip-waders Grandpa got him. This weather is also playing havoc with Coach Chuck scheduling baseball practice, he canceled Thursday night's practice and is hoping to have a shortened practice tomorrow since it's not supposed to get too much above freezing (and with the wind it's downright bitter!)

I was told the other day that Cassidy will not have good sleeping habits because I don't have an early enough bedtime for her, this woman suggested I put her down between 6:30 and 7 pm. What kind of world does this woman live in, Chuck would only get to be with her for about an hour or so before she would be in bed plus Zac's baseball games won't be starting til 6, I guess she figures I have to bag those games. Not likely. Zac spent his first summer being hauled to all of Daddy's games.

It is so pathetic how people try to tell you to raise your kid. It's not like I'm cutting up a steak for this little peanut or don't use a carseat, things that are downright DANGEROUS. Most moms I know do what is best for their family and what's right for my family may not be right for theirs but to have the audacity to say something like a bedtime will ruin my child for life is kind of lame. OK I'm gonna step off my soapbox now.

HAPPY EASTER! May the Easter Bunny bring you lots of CHOCOLATE.

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