Hockey scuttlebutt

Zac's scholastic coach was arrested for having child porn on his puter. Anyway the good thing that came out of this is that Zac is now petrified to do just about anything on the computer because now he is worried about the "cyber police". So while I am disheartened that we even had to have a conversation about child porn with Zac, it might not be all bad. We have him petrified that not only do mom and dad check out what he's doing on his computer, that he is also being watched by others. At this point everyone on the team knows, so all us parents who tried to keep it quiet, kids will be kids and they love to dish the dirt as much as the parents do apparently. LOL Well his scholastic team finished up the year with their only loss, which sucks big time. Zac's school has the largest hockey team in the league and they had so many kids at the middle school level they had to split into two teams. Well we started off great, then had some teams in the league bitch about our team and we lost 3 kids (made them move up to JV where unfortunately because they are older but can't skate they don't even get to play) and then we lost the aforementioned coach's kid so we went 12 players to 8 and then picked up to younger kids who aren't too bad, just new to check hockey. So anyway we had to play the other team from our school, we had played them earlier in the season (when we had our original team) and tied, which was PERFECT! I mean afterall these kids go to school together and then there were no bragging rights. But we played again, the other team had 13 players, we had 8. We hung in with a 1-1 tie through 2 periods, but by the 3rd we were beat, Zac was out constantly as they played 3 defensemen instead of the usual 4. The other team scored 2 more goals and with 40 seconds left we scored our 2nd, but we couldn't get the third goal. Zac's team has the better record between the two teams from his school, but it was still a hard loss. Oh well, no one ever said life was fair, for being so shorthanded I thought they played well -- but that's a MOM's perspective, the DAD's certainly have other ideas!!!!!!! Well I wrote a book, I need to go wake my snugglebug up, she's been sleeping for 2 1/2 hrs. I took her shopping and she's been sleeping in her carseat since I came home. It's finally nice out, and since the clock's have been turned, I think we'll break out the stroller tonite!

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