August 24, 2006

What a roller coaster of a day. At 9:30 a.m. the phone rang, the caller ID showed it was Chuck calling from his cell phone. I had a weird feeling as I answered, it was Thursday, his company always lays people off on Thursdays. I knew the second I heard his voice that that's why he was calling. After receiving that call two other times in the last 18 months it was really getting old. At least this company had a good severance package.

So he came home and loafed around the house for a day, he still had a few weeks left at the job, but they let him come home for the day. Well Zac and I had plans for the rest of the day, Zac was off to our best friends' house to go swimming while I went to the dr. I had made the appointment last week, after miscarrying in July, I never even got to the dr after finding out I was pregnant before I miscarried. I didnt want to go to the dr because I hate them so, so the nurse said as long as I miscarried naturally and didn't bleed for more than 3 weeks I didn't need to come in. Well I bled for over 4 weeks before I called the dr and they had me come in for an ultrasound.

So I get to the office and find out Joy of Joys it's an internal ultrasound "BLECH!" So the tech starts the u/s and says yes you have blood collected above your cervix, let's see if we can find where it's coming from. Then she says, how long ago did you miscarry, I said about 5 weeks and she said well there's a baby. WHAT???? You gotta be kiddin. But nope there was the head. She then got the regular u/s out and there was a baby, moving and dancing around. Talk about SHOCK. As they continued the u/s the tech said it looked like I lost a twin, there was still some indication of where the other baby had been attached on my uterus.

Well, I was on cloud 9!!! 13 years, 13 years I was never able to get pregnant again. We had given up about 5 years ago ever thinking we would have another one. The doc said it looked like everything with this little one was fine and then I set up my next appointment.

NOW WHAT? Now I have to go home and tell the man I love that we are having another baby FINALLY after all these years. The timing was quite bad, I think God has a warped sense of humor sometime. I called my best friend who had Zac and she told her, she was so excited and kept saying I told you so, LOL. I picked up Zac and went home.

I just walked in the house and handed Chuck the ultrasound. He was as dumbfounded as I had been. He was like "you got to be kidding me". But he was ALMOST as happy as me. Then Zac was like "WHAT?" Chuck handed him in the ultrasound and he looked at me and said "Really?" I said yup and he gave me the biggest hug, he was thrilled. He has wanted a younger brother or sister forever.

We then spent the rest of the evening traveling and around and showing off our ultrasound pic. Everyone was thrilled for us cause they know how badly we always wanted more.

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