Jaxon -- 3 months old

Tomorrow Jaxon will be three months old, WOW, did that go fast. He is quite different from Cassidy and Zac. He has been dubbed our "fusspot" or "fussfart". Luckily, now that we are reaching the 3 month mark, there is a marked change in his fussiness and he is much easier to settle. His favorite thing is to lay under his mobile or play gym for 15-20 minutes. He prefers this to the swing and the bouncy seat, in fact, we have already packed the swing away and just use a travel swing occasionally.
This is SOOOOOOO different from Cassidy and Zac who would nap for hours in the swing.

Jax is starting to reach for things and hold on to them. He adores Cassidy and loves to watch her play and putter around. She likes to talk to him and says his name alot, but for Cassidy, big brother, Zachary! is the BOMB.

Jaxon has also found his thumb, I can't ever remember Zac sucking on his thumb even once. Cassidy found her thumb at about 3 months, but I only ever saw her suck on it twice. Jaxon is all about slobbering on his fist and thumb. I do cherish the quiet times when he's nuzzled in my neck, because I know this is it . . . well until grandkids! right :0)

I will be posting Halloween pictures shortly . . . . unfortunately, I was a BAD BAD MOMMY and for messed up and accidentally deleted the Halloween pictures. Luckily, Miss Cassidy was in her boycotting picture mood and there weren't any really great pictures and also luckily I can just pop their costumes on again and snap a few more pics.


Irishembi said...

That thumbsucking photo is precious. Worth any number of weeks or months (or years) you will spend trying to break him of the habit. LOL!

Kate said...

Holy moly 3 months just flies by!!!