Why does it always seem . . .

that most things in my household are the EXCEPTION to the rules.
I was reading an article the other day about fertility. It stressed that 35 is not a magic number and a woman's fertility doesn't drop drastically, in reality it doesn't take a nosedive til age 38 --- hmmmm the year I got preggers with Cassidy and really falls off the charts at 40, HAHAHA when I got preggers with Jaxon!

The article got me thinking about other things my family seems to buck the trend on.

Boys are harder to potty-train than girls --- Well, Zac was trained at a little over 2 and never had an accident. We are finally starting to make progress with Cassidy at age 2 1/2 (after much stubbornness and "NOs") and a few accidents, but not too bad. We'll see where Jaxon falls on the spectrum in another year or so.

Formula fed babies are sicker than breastfed babies (DISCLAIMER!!!!! I am NOT suggesting that breastfeeding is not the best for your baby, it just never worked for me, I blame my boobs!) Zachary has been on antibiotics twice in his life -- age 4 for his first and only ear infection and at age 7 for a mild case of walking pneumonia where he actually threw a tantrum because he had to miss school for two days because he felt fine. Cassidy has had one sick appt in her 2 1/2 years and Jax has had 2 in his first year. I do believe (DISCLAIMER AGAIN!! this is my thoughts for my kids) that this has very little to do with how they were fed as babies and more to do with the heredity because Chuck and I are never sick either.

I know there are a couple more, but at the moment I hear that naptime is over, so I will stop here . . . . oh yeah --- I LOVE my in-laws! LOL

Oh and here is a scrapbook page I made earlier this week, I am becoming addicted to digital scrapping and having so much fun doing it. That is my mom, I look NOTHING like her! I was always jealous of her darker complexion and dark hair --- can you believe as a child I hated being BLONDE! :D

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