Going to try to start blogging again

Not sure how dedicated I am going to be to blogging.  And let me all warn you there will probably be A LOT! of Disney ramblings as I am in the process of planning our trip in October.  It will be almost seven years since our last trip and the first time we are staying onsite.   I am just a little excited.

I remember that excitement when we took Zac for the first time, seeing Disney through your child's eyes is truly one of life's magical moments and this time I get to see the expression and wide eyes of Cassidy and Jax.

So right now when I have spare time I am usually surfing Disney sites and reading my "Unofficial Guide to Disney World."   Trying to prepare as much as possible before our trip.

In other news, Cassidy is thriving in kindergarten.  She is so sweet, she's made so many friends.  We just enrolled Jax in a pre-k class.  He would be eligible for kindergarten in the fall, but feel he could use another year under his belt before he starts "real" school.

Happy Valentine's day!

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