So how do you decorate your tree?? (if you have one)

So here is our tree, it's decorated a little more than halfway, the ornaments along the bottom are stuffed or wooden Disney characters that we find scattered around the house. When we find them we put them back on the tree for little hands to remove later.

My tree has changed over the years, currently most of the ornaments fit into one of four categories.

The first category: Baby's 1st Christmas, I think there are 10 ornaments of this type.

The second category: Hockey ornaments, Zac has been playing hockey for almost 10 years and we have accumulated quite a few ornaments over the years.

The third category: Eeyore. I've been an Eeyore freak forever and Chuck and my mom have given me quite a few ornaments over the years.

The fourth category: Ornaments with specific meaning to someone in the house, whether it be an special ornament for a love oned passed on (including the four-legged variety), favorite cartoon characters, favorite sports teams.

Over the years I have collected enough ornaments to fill three trees, and every year I get pickier and pickier about what I put on the tree. I have saved the ornaments Zac has made over the years, ones that haven't fallen apart. And I will give them to him one day, and I will do this with the little ones too.

Our tree is an artificial one, the critters in the house used to bring the live ones crashing to the floor, so we bagged that. It is prelit and fiber optic, so no need for garland and tinsel.

And if you noticed, I don't have the typical star or angel at the top of the tree, I have a teddy bear, he's holding a red and green balloon and a couple presents. My mom gave me this tree topper 19 years ago, for my first Christmas after Chuck & I bought our first house. I have been looking for a new tree topper, but I still want something unique, like a penguin.


Chuck and the peanuts.


michelle lynn said...

Awe, love the picture of Chuch and the little ones!

Unfortunately, no tree for us this year, as we won't even be here, but that is what I was most disappointed about - not getting to see our ornaments! We have lived somewhere different every Christmas since we've been married, and we always get one ornament to represent the place we live, and then one for each other which usually symbolizes a major event from that year, new dog, new baby, etc. I also love looking at other peole's ornaments because they seem to tell a story, unless they are one of those people who just decorate with plain balls or bells or bows - those trees belong in department stores!

Surviver for now said...

carefully and pretty much often now this year i redid lights to have a purple and gold theme (dh is an lsu fan) i have purple gold and silver ornaments on the tree that get re arranged daily thanks to little hands that want the balls

Surviver for now said...
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Kate said...

this year our tree will only have the lights that came on it. our ornaments are packed up deep in the basement where i can't get to them!

we haven't really started collecting ornaments yet, but i do hope to start accumulating them soon.

i love doing my mom's tree. we never had lights growing up, just really nice ornaments that had meaning (sports we were into, places we had been, etc).

Irishembi said...

Mine is very similar to yours Dani. Wooden and cloth non-breakables on the bottom for little hands and little paws. Middle on up are the ornaments that have meaning. Some are from when I was a kid (I have a "World's Best Babysitter" ornament LOL!), a few were passed on from my Mom, and others were bought over the years and have memories attached. It's my favorite kind of tree.

Norkio said...

We have all the non-breakables at the bottom too, and all of my favorite blown glass ones at the top. I also have a few very old ones and some that my mom gave me for my first Christmas tree when I had nothing. One of my favorites is a silver bell that had been my grandmothers. There were 13 bells and she had 13 children & grandchildren, so we all have one. We call them Grammie Bells. :-)

Anonymous said...

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