Our Holiday Family Photo Shoot

And here we go!! Instead of traversing the mobs of shoppers on Black Friday, I decided to dress my kids in their Christmas outfits and attempt to get a couple good shots to use on our Christmas cards. I waited til Jaxon was fresh from his nap, dressed him and THEN wrestle with the toddler. As a typical toddler, you just never know what mood she will be in when you want to get her dressed. Some days she's sweet as pie and I get her dressed in a minute, other days she's a little Tasmanian Devil and it's a wrestling match.

Below are some of my favorite shots.

After getting Jax plopped in his box, Zac sat down next to him and then we just let Cassidy roam about a bit. I didn't want to rush it because she is not at all interested in "posing".

Here are my boys!!

Cassidy and her big brother, she absolutely worships him and loves when he takes the time to play (rough house) with her. She loves to listen to music, so Zac has been getting her to listen to his favorite music. Whenever she hears "Let it Rock" by Kevin Rudolf and Lil' Wayne she yells for Zac to come and dance with her.

Here are our little peanuts in the box together.

And here are the pictures I picked for our card.


Irishembi said...

Great shots Dani! I love the "Jax in the box" on the card. Priceless line! LOL!

Michelle Lynn said...

Great pictures! You are socreative - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Christmas card! We are hoping to take pictures tomorrow (given the kids cooperation of course), and I have a few ideas - one even involves them sleeping, that might be easiest :)

Michelle Lynn said...

Ok, I know we had this conversation about your photo announcements. Did you do the same for the xmas cards? Use your scrapbook software and then order prints? Was it winkflash you ordered through?