Marty was our second cat. He was a brat since we brought him home. I couldn't resist this scrawny looking cat at the pet store and decided to rescue him. Little did we know this scrawny cat would become our chubba-wubba cat weighing over 20 pounds.

Marty was not a people cat, he preferred the company of our other cat and even our dogs at the time (Malcolm and Annie, our dachshunds). But he tolerated Zachary better than we could have imagined. He let Zac sit on him and he would nap with him occasionally.

Over the years he would stay in the basement and rarely come up and visit, and when we got our second corgi, Cricket; well, apparently, that was the LAST STRAW. Both cats rarely came up and spent any time with the us humans anymore.

Well in the last week or so we noticed Marty was not doing well. He hasn't been a spunky cat for a long time now, but when he stopped eating, we knew it wouldn't be long. This chubba cat lived to eat. So he spent his last week or so visiting with us, RARE and even went outside when we were taking pics of the gourd plant.

Last night, I heard a strange growl while giving Cassidy her bedtime bottle. When Chuck and Zac came home from hockey I asked Chuck to check on Marty and he was gone, laying peacefully by the water dish.

He went so quietly and peacefully, he let go himself. So unlike our dogs who we have had to help cross the rainbow bridge. Tonite, we will bury another friend in our yard. We will miss his daily "raaaaaas".

Travis, seems to miss him already, heading upstairs to peek at us, still leery of the dogs, but hopefully they will learn to get along. Travis is much more a people cat.

Goodbye Marty, may you find Annie and Malcolm to play with as you cross the Rainbow Bridge.


Ashley Marshall said...

That breaks my heart!!! I am such an animal lover! I am glad he got to be with his friend while he was alive!

Lisa said...

That's so sad. I am sorry. We just put our two cats to sleep at the end of June. They were 20 years old! It's hard to lose a pet after many years of friendship. Thanks for sharing with us!

Ron, Melissa and Landon said...

I am so sorry to hear about Marty. I know how an animal can become a friend and even part of the family. Thinking of you...

Kristy Lynn said...

That is just heartbreaking...losing a pet is just like losing a member of the family. I am sorry for your loss. xxoo

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your beloved friend passing. =[ you will be in my thoughts......x0x0x