Highs and Lows

Well today was a busy day, first we headed off to do some shopping. Bought some formula at BRU which turned out to be harder than one would think. The scanners were down at the checkout, so they had run to the shelves and write down the scanner number and then run back to the register. Whew!

Then we headed to the mall, I was looking for some bargains. Well I found bargains at JC Penney, I picked up 6 outfits for next summer (18 month) and 1 for this year for $31. CHA CHING!

We then headed home and went about our day. Around 3 or so Cassidy didn't want to play or eat, so I decided to lay her in her crib under her mobile and turn on her aquarium (her white noise machine was still on from her earlier nap). She loves to lay there and is usually pretty content for a while. So I did a few chores, then about 10 minutes later I realized I no longer her babbling, so I peeked in her room and she was ASLEEP. WOOHOOO, that's the first time she fell asleep on her own in her crib.

Then came time to go for her 4 month checkup (yes we are behind, she is just about 5 months old). Everything went well, the pediatrician was happy to see her sitting by herself. After she was thoroughly given the once over, the nurse came in with those NASTY needles. I will admit she did much better this time. It didn't take long to calm her, and within 2 mins of leaving the office she was snoozing.

She was a bit fussier in the evening, but not too bad, enjoyed her bath as usual. But then when trying to give her last bottle she got really fussy. We are not used to a fussy baby at all, so after about 10-15 minutes, I laid her in her crib and once again turned on the aquarium, mobile and her white noise machine. For about a minute she cried hard, then all of a sudden silence. I peeked in because I was nervous something was wrong after all the fussing; but she was just quietly watching her mobile and when I went back in a couple minutes later she was OUT. She's been asleep a couple hours now, we'll see how she does through the night. AND we'll have to see if we can start putting her down awake, especially for naps that would be AWESOME!

I hope she has a peaceful night.

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Ashley Marshall said...

poor baby! hope she does well tonight!