I'm so Proud

I forgot to post this picture with the Christmas shots. This is Zac getting his Wii. As you can see he was very happy. Of course, as goes our life, it worked for two weeks and died. Thankfully, Best Buy refunded our money, but they were out of stock. Also the Wii ate a game and we were unale to retrieve it, so we did lose out on that. I am happy to report tho, that Zac was only without a Wii for a few days, when Walmart got them in stock. He called every store within a 20 mile radius, every day when he got home from school to see if anyone had them.

Here is my Junior Varsity hockey player. I need to find some pictures of him when he first started playing and scan them in. He's grown so much, he's taller than me now and his feet are HUGE!

And last, but not least, Zac brought home a certificate from his technical school today as he was selected as student of the month. Both the tech school and his home school make mention of this, so he was excited. I truly hope he can stay on this engineering course, he'll be able to earn quite a few college credits and even attend college a couple days a week as a high school senior. I have given him an incentive, I put it in his head that if he does stay on this course he would have to have a vehicle to be able to drive to the college, because school does not provide transportation back and forth between college and high school. Hey, whatever works, right!


Irishembi said...

Congratulations Zac! Dani do you think Zac looks more like you or Chuck? I see a lot of you in Zac, but then sometimes I see Chuck.

You are going to have to have to pass on the secrets of raising great big teenagers because I'm scared silly of it!

Dani said...

Zac definitely favors me, BUT as he gets older is nose is getting bigger, not huge, but not my little button nose with no bridge (an optometrist's nightmare as I was told! LOL) Chuck's family has bigger noses, so we needle Zac a bit about it.

As far as raising teenagers, I definitely had the advantage of Zac being the center of attention for 13 years, both of us being involved in his school and sports, so he does tell us more than what other kids tell their parents, of course, the fact that he never shuts up helps with that, too. Chuck's philosophy on kids is that you keep them involved in sports and it helps keep them away from "the bad elements" . . . if it were only that easy.