Odds & Ends

Well our big guy started cereal.  I was going to wait a while longer because he didn't show much interest, but all of a sudden when he saw us eating he would get fussy and start drooling.  Now, he's a big puddle of drool most of the time, I swear!  I am seriously trying to figure out which is worse . . . a baby that spits up, or one that drools the entire time he is vertical.   The drooly baby certainly goes through more bibs than my spitter-uppers ever did, AND he needs one on all the time, not just when eating, so it covers up his cute outfits.

As you can see by the "GRABBINESS" he already wants to feed himself.  So we start each meal with two spoons, one for him and one for us.  And he does does pretty darn good too.  He's far less messy than Cassidy!  LOL
So far we have only done oatmeal (more nutritional value than rice cereal in my opinion, and mine's the only one that counts!)
I did buy some squash this week, but I'm holding off, I'm not looking forward to even stinkier diapers.

Here we are, this was Christmas night at my parents' house

Here is Jax and his new giraffe, apparently, it's quite yummy.  It's so soft and opens up into a pillow.  I want one!

Here is Cassidy, tasting some of her cupcake.  Her new kitchen was the BEST Christmas present.  She loves it and plays with it every day, she loves to bring everybody something to eat.

Cassidy, Jaxon, and Grandma (my mom)  She's not really grumpy, but it was the only picture where both kids were looking at the camera.  Doesn't it always work that way, you get the kids looking like you want, but whatever adult is in the picture didn't cooperate!  Go figure.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  May 2009 bring you lots of love and laughter!!

And yes I know I have to update my header, the holidays are over, maybe one day when Jax decides that he needs more than a 15 minute nap I'll get to it.


Michelle Lynn said...

Dani, he is beautiful! I LOVE the picture of him holding the spoon, he is so stinking cute!

Which kitchen did you get Cassidy? How did Zac like his present ;) Have mommy and daddy been enjoying it also?

Happy 2009!

Lisa said...

Wow. Solids already! This is all happening so fast! He is so adorable and so is Miss Cassidy!

katiebear said...

omg, he's on solids? wasn't he just born???